Placement Procedures and Exams
  • OU Undergraduates are required to take the mathematics placement assessment exam before taking their first OU math course. In addition, students planning to enroll in MATH 1914 should take the placement exam.
  • In order to take the math placement exam click here. Some FAQs about the placement process are also available.
  • To be well-prepared for college level mathematics, students should take a mathematics course and take the SAT or ACT during their senior year of high school.
  • If you are unsure which math course to start out in, you can discuss it with your advisor or with the Mathematics Advisor, Dr. Hall.
  • Need to know how your Math course transfers to OU? Check the transfer equivalency tables here.
Dr. Catherine Hall, is the department's Academic Counselor and Coordinator of Undergraduate Mathematics Enrollment & Placement. Students who need assistance navigating their way into the mathematics classes of their choice, or who are experiencing difficulties in mathematics courses, should contact her at 405-325-2727.
  • Dr. Catherine Hall
  • office: PHSC 425
  • phone: 405-325-2727
  • e-mail:
Mathematics Help Center
Got lost in calculus today? Can't figure out that integral? Consider a visit to the Math Center in PHSC 209, where experienced graduate students are there to help you develop your understanding.
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Our Degree Programs
Have you ever considered a minor or major in mathematics? The analytical and technical skills you gain while studying math are valuable in a wide range of career paths. Depending on your major, you might find that a minor in mathematics is only a course or two away. The math majors resource page will tell you about the mathematics degree requirements, career options, and research opportunities for math majors and minors. If you are a declared math major, you can also apply to receive one of the numerous scholarships given by the department each year.
Mathematics Department Information
Visit the information page to find out all about the faculty, staff, and students in the Mathematics Department. Here is a list of the undergraduate math courses.

The OU Math Club is an active group of students who meet approximately twice per month to listen to talks, go on field trips, or find out about mathematical careers. You can also click on the logo to check out the OU Math blog.