University of Oklahoma   Mathematics Department

Geometry and Topology Seminar

The Geometry and Topology Seminar normally meets on Wednesday afternoons in PHSC 809. When the speaker is from OU, the talk normally begins at 3:45pm. When the speaker is from outside OU, the talk normally begins at 4:00pm, with tea at 3:30pm in PHSC 424. For more information about the seminar, contact Max Forester.

Earlier semesters (Fall 2005 - Fall 2016)

Fall 2017 Talks
8/23 Ricardo Mendes (Cologne) Sectional curvature and the Weitzenböck formula
8/30 Michael Jablonski Blending theorems of Lie and Nash
9/6 Shihshu Walter Wei From geodesics to F-harmonic maps
9/13 Lee Kennard Representations of tori and an application in Riemannian geometry
9/20 Lee Kennard Representations of tori and an application in Riemannian geometry, II
10/11 Pengfei Zhang
10/25 Neil Hoffman (Oklahoma State)
11/1 Yingbo Han
11/8 Owen Dearricott (Melbourne)
(fri) 11/17 Matt Clay (Arkansas)
11/22 Thanksgiving Holiday
11/29 Edgar Bering (Temple)

Spring 2017 Talks
1/18 organizational meeting
1/25 Lee Kennard Topological realization problems
2/1 Carolyn Gordon (Dartmouth) Decoding geometry and topology from the Steklov spectrum of orbisurfaces
2/8 Jing Tao Coarse and fine geometry of the Thurston metric
2/15 Justin Malestein Burnside-like problems for Aut(Fn) and primitive homology
2/22 Ignat Soroko Uncountably many quasi-isometry classes of groups of type FP
3/1 Andrew Sale (Vanderbilt) Vastness properties of McCool groups of free groups and automorphisms of RAAGs
3/8 Kenneth Bromberg (Utah) Convex co-compact subgroups of the mapping class group
3/15 Spring Break
3/22 no seminar
3/29 Thomas Lane Curvature on Lie groups
4/5 Tony Martino Dunwoody's geometric proof of Stallings Theorem
4/12 Yusheng Wang (Beijing Normal U.) Curvature >= 1, diameter >= \pi/2 and rigidity (in Alexandrov geometry)
4/19 Jonathan Merlini Rank Rigidity on 3-Manifolds
4/26 Joseph Maher (CUNY) Random walks on groups with negative curvature
5/3 Elahe Khalili Samani Topology of 8-dimensional positively curved Riemannian manifolds with symmetry
5/10 Tracy Payne (Idaho State) Evolutionary Game Theory and Applications to Geometry