Political Geometry

Mathematical Interventions in Gerrymandering

April 16, 2018

Lecture starts at 5:30pm
Refreshments to follow

A public lecture by

Dr. Moon Duchin

Tufts University

Dick Bell Courtroom

College of Law, OU
300 Timberdell Road, Norman, OK

Abstract: The U.S. has a unique electoral system that sets up congressional contests in frequently-redrawn regions. These days, redistricting is much in the news because we may be on the cusp of getting our first legal standard to address partisan gerrymandering, or drawing the lines to favor one political party. I'll tell you about what's up in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, with some promising new mathematics and computing innovations on center stage.

About the speaker: Dr. Duchin is an Associate Professor of mathematics at Tufts University and the founder of the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group, a non-partisan group that aims to foster collaboration between mathematicians and researchers in statistics, supercomputing, law, political science and other fields. The group also organizes interdisciplinary workshops across the country that include expert witness training; educates the public through lectures; and facilitates direct civic engagement. Dr. Duchin's work has been featured on the Radiolab spinoff podcast More Perfect and has been featured in news stories from CBS, NBC, The New Yorker, Quanta Magazine, and more! She has been enlisted by Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania to help evaluate the fairness of redistricting maps in his state. To find out more about Dr. Duchin, see here.

Contact: jing@ou.edu