What can I do with a degree in mathematics? Do I need to get a master's or doctoral degree in order to embark on a particular career path?

You can find discussions of these questions, profiles of early career and established mathematicians, and many other career resources in the links below. Make sure to check these out early on in your degree program, as some of these links contain great resources for students as they progress through graduate school. Furthermore, some resources below are applicable to many groups, so you should peruse the entire list for resources of interest to your particular situation and strengths.

You should also keep an eye on the talk schedules of the OU Math Club (see particularly the Math Club Blog ) and the Mathematics Graduate Students Association (MGSA) (see particularly the Graduate Student Seminar). These groups occasionally invite representatives from industry to talk about career opportunities to OU mathematics students. The MGSA also has a very useful career resources page for students who are interested in a position in academia.

Resources for Undergraduate Students
See also the the links under Local Resources and Career Advice / Mentoring Resources.
Resources for Graduate Students
See also the the links under Local Resources and Career Advice / Mentoring Resources.
  • The AMS Employment Services for Ph.D. Mathematicians page has great resources, including an excellent Advice for New Ph.D.s page. The latter contains a wealth of practical information and advice about academic and non-academic jobs. Be sure to visit this before starting your job search.
  • Mathjobs.org: Jobs for Mathematicians. This database of jobs for mathematicians is the default site for academic jobs. It contains a huge list of academic positions with an online application process. It includes the AMS Coversheet, and links to the EIMS job database.
  • Chronicle Careers. The Chronicle of Higher Education Jobs section has a searchable database of positions in higher education.
  • Final-year Ph.D. students who are interested in a career in academia should consider applying for a Project NExT fellowship from the MAA. According to its website, Project NExT "is a professional development program for new or recent Ph.D.s in the mathematical sciences. It addresses all aspects of an academic career: improving the teaching and learning of mathematics, engaging in research and scholarship, and participating in professional activities. It also provides the participants with a network of peers and mentors as they assume these responsibilities." Check the website often for current deadlines and application procedures.
  • The MAA Graduate Students page has some good resources for life during and beyond graduate school.
  • The SIAM Report on Mathematics in Industry. The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics has a comprehensive report on Mathematics in Industry. It includes some good suggestions for faculty and for students.
  • The SIAM Careers and Jobs page. Career resources for students and established mathematicians in industrial and applied fields.
  • AWM Career Resources. The Association for Women in Mathematics has a great all-around career resources page with numerous links organized by category.
Local Resources
  • The Greater Grads Resource Center has information about internships and employment opportunities in the Oklahoma City area.
  • The OU Career Services site has a wealth of career information for OU students.
  • The College of Arts & Sciences Career Services page offers career resources tailored to Arts & Sciences graduates. In particular, you might contact Adrienne Jablonski (ajablonski[at]ou[dot]edu), CAS Director of Student Career and Leadership Development, about career opportunities.
Career Advice / Mentoring Resources
  • PhDs.org: Science, Math and Engineering Career Resources. Great general career resource site for mathematicians, scientists, and engineers. Includes topics like "Getting into Graduate School", "Succeeding in Graduate School", "Postdoctoral Life", "Finding a Job", "Career Guide for Scientists", and "The Big Picture".
  • The Young Mathematicians' Network has many discussion forums, including ones on graduate life and on the job search process.
  • Forward to Professorship is a workshop designed to provide information, skills development, mentoring, and networking for women and minorities who may be considering, or are currently in, a tenure-track position in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Check the website for important dates and program information.
  • The AMS Graduate Student Blog is a great resource for all things related to your graduate career and future career paths.
  • Fields Medalist Terence Tao maintains a comprehensive Career Advice section on his blog. He offers advice at all levels, from primary school through post-doctoral level.
  • Helen Grundman has great advice on writing a teaching philosophy statement. Check out this Notices article for tips and exercises to help you build a strong teaching statement.
  • John Baez's Advice for the Young Scientist page has some excellent advice on various aspects of academia.
  • The MGSA's Career Resources page has LaTeX templates, links, and notes from career-related seminar talks to help you with your job search.