Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education
About RUME

The RUME (Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education) program at the University of Oklahoma is housed in the Mathematics Department and it is one of very few programs of such nature in the United States . The program was first established in the 90’s and has produced many faculty members who are now in positions around the United States.

We offer a PhD program in mathematics with research emphasizing mathematics education. The mathematics department offers a variety of courses in Analysis, Topology and Algebra. Following passing the general and qualifying exams, the RUME students will focus their research on mathematics education.

Our mathematics education courses are designed and tailored specifically for mathematics students with a great passion for teaching and learning mathematics at college level.

As many universities require the combination of mathematics and its pedagogical aspects, having this qualification will put you in a great position in the job market.

Our aim is to produce tomorrow’s mathematicians who are not only talented researchers but also have been trained and nurtured to teach mathematics effectively.

Math 5253 - Introduction to Mathematics Pedagogy Research
Math 5263 - Issues in Mathematics Education

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Mathematics education talks by Annie Selden.
   Sept. 19 - Colloquium abstract.
   Sept. 20 - Seminar abstract.
Graduate Courses
G5263 Issues and Problems in Mathematics Pedagogy (SP)

This course considers current issues in undergraduate mathematics teaching and learning. Potential topics include, but are not limited to, advanced mathematical thinking, learning theories, research-based practices in teaching undergraduate mathematics, the nature of the undergraduate mathematics curriculum and use of technology in mathematics instruction.

G5253 Introduction to Mathematics Pedagogy Research (F)

This course is intended to give students an overview and hands on experience on how to do mathematics education research. The topics include developing a research proposal, critically reviewing and examining the literature, building theoretical frameworks, studying various research methods, learning about qualitative research design and analysis, planning quantitative research and performing statistical analysis of the data.

For all inquiries regarding this program contact:
Sepideh Stewart, or
Milos Savic
Current Graduate Students
Misun Lee
Research Title: “Calculus Instructors' Teaching Approaches for Low Achieving Students”

Tetsuya Yamamoto
Research Title: “Issues of Students’ Learning Proofs in Advanced Collegiate Mathematics Courses”